The universal law of seasons is a constant. After Spring comes to Summer. After Summer comes to Fall. After Fall comes to Winter. To try and deny this in our life or financial well being is naive and quite frankly careless.

I was talking to a friend recently who’s a top producer in the real estate industry. I was so proud of him and how much money he was making. He told me about all the toys he’s acquired. The luxury homes, fancy cars, and expensive watches. I respect and admire those who are able to live their dream and obtain the things their heart desires. One challenge I have is that I know most of his toys are LEASED and not owned. In Texas, they call this “Big Hat – Little Cattle.”

I asked him a simple question. “If Winter hits our economy, your industry or your company are you prepared? Do you have 6 to 12 months of your lifestyle expenses saved?” Silence on the other end answered that question. There’s a difference between being Cash-rich vs. Asset rich. True freedom does not come from how much money you make but how much money you keep and put in places to grow your wealth.

Many years ago I read a book, “The millionaire next door”. Most, true millionaires resole their shoes instead of buying brand new ones, they drive cars that cost less than $60,000. They live in a modest home that costs less than $500K.

Are you ready if Winter hits?

We’ve all seen the mega-athletes, superstar entertainers who make a ton of money but spend more then they make. When the cash stops flowing they end up filing for bankruptcy. The greatest place to put your resources and money today is in your financial IQ. The difference between the haves and have-nots is the difference between being informed and uninformed. The difference between the informed and the uninformed is the difference between being rich and being broke.

No one is going to care about you and your family more than you. The economy, the industries, and companies don’t have mercy. If things turn sideways, give yourself the cushion so you don’t come from a place of desperation. Now is the time to be prepared. Anticipation is power, the reaction is a pain. When Winter hits some will freeze to a financial death while others will go skiing in Aspen. Where will you be?

The seasons never change.

After Fall comes….

Are you ready if Winter hits?